Tuesday, 18 November 2008

PerformancePoint Planning - Enable/Disable Spreading

Contrary to the incorrect instructions on Office Online, to enable and disable spreading on a matrix you must do the following:

From the Advanced group on the PPS ribbon, you select Options and the SpreadingType drop-down allows you to enable/disable spreading.

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Jeffrey said...

Hi Kristen:

I'm a writer on the PerformancePoint team at Microsoft. I noticed your post, checked the page, and made a few changes to make our content more clear.

Your post refers to content found on a different page "Enable and disable spreading using PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel". The page that you visited described a preliminary setting that must be PRIOR to taking the step that you correctly describe in your post.

Thanks for helping me make the content more precise and easier to understand. I appreciate your feedback.