Thursday, 29 January 2009

No more PPS Planning...

The news, as I'm sure everyone has now heard, is that PerformancePoint Planning is being retired. See the official press release at:

PerformancePoint Monitoring will be bundled into SharePoint as part of Office 14 - and be known as PerformancePoint Services for SharePoint. Wacko.

Friday, 23 January 2009

PerformancePoint Planning: Data Integration

Quick Overview of the steps required in an ETL package to load a PerformancePoint Planning application:

  1. Sync Dimensions from App to Staging (call ppscmd)
  2. Sync Models from App to Staging (call ppscmd)
  3. Stage Dimensions into Label table (data flow)
  4. Load Dimensions (call ppscmd)
  5. Stage Hierarchies into Label table (data flow)
  6. Load Dimensions (call ppscmd)
  7. Reindex Dimension tables (sql command)
  8. Stage Fact into Label table (data flow)
  9. Load Fact (call ppscmd)
  10. Reindex MG tables
  11. Deploy Model (call ppscmd)
This presumes you are using the 'Label' table approach.