Thursday, 20 May 2010

Visual Studio 2010 Trial: SQL Project Limitation: Refactor/Rename

Please, somebody correct me if I'm wrong...


Yep I'm an idiot. Somehow I installed Professional edition not Ultimate. And professional does not support schema compare or refactoring. Duh!

The Visual Studio 2010 trial claims to be functionally unlimited - just time-limited (90 days). BUT - from what I can tell, object name refactoring (renaming) is unavailable.

According to MSDN it can be done by "right-click the object in Schema view, point to Refactor, and then click Rename'.... or from the Data menu, point to Refactor etc...

However, there is no Refactor option in either location.

MSDN does state that if there are build errors, the menu option is not available. I double-check that, and build successfully it did.


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