Thursday, 11 June 2009

PerformancePoint Planning: Bug in the bsp_DI_ValidateLabelTable Proc

Somewhat irrelevant due to shut down of PerformancePoint Planning but it's an issue I encountered so I will record it for posterity and future generations (*snigger*).

There is a bug in the bsp_DI_ValidateLabelTable proc which causes it to fail when you are using a specific hierarchy in the model rather than the default 'all members' set. The problem arises when you pass in an incorrect model name.

The proc does not validate that the model name is actually valid before continuing (naughty naughty) which means you can actually cause errors if it just so happens that the value you pass in is a valid object - just not the name of the model itself. Let me show you want I mean.

First let's just mock up some object labels (please note these are NOT real. I would never be so generic but for the purpose of examination...).
Application: PPS
RootModelSite: PPS_Planning
Model: PPS
When calling PPSCMD you often refer to PPS:PPS_Planning.
When executing the bsp_DI_ValidateLabelTable proc, it asks for modelname as a parameter. In my example, I will have a scope in FK_relationships for PPS:PPS_Planning to identify the modelsite but that's not the one I need. Nope. I need PPS_Planning:PPS, which identifies the model.

But I'm half asleep and I've typed PPS:PPS_Planning in the past 24 hours so many times that I just don't think. Uh oh, all of a sudden the proc fails - but not after having made a few updates already.

Silly mistake to make, no question. Still, it does seem a bit dodgy to take an string input from a user, which is also a unique label used to identify a specific record, and not validate that it actually exists before making updates using that value!

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