Friday, 24 April 2009

SQL 2008 SP1 - a must have!

Some time ago I installed SQL 2008 on a VPC which was also running MOSS and PerformancePoint.  Soon enough the VPC started to run out of memory.  I tore my hair out for a few days because nothing I did made a good dent in the problem.  

Till I found the silver bullet.

Consistently SSAS was high on the list of memory-hungry services - plateauing around the 500Mb mark.  Yeah, that's a lot.  With only a couple of cubes and no queries running it did seem to be hugely excessive. 

What to do?  Install SP1.

That's it.

Usage dropped down to somewhere around 30-80Mb.  Much more memory friendly!

Interestingly, of the many bug fixes included, in SP1 (full list),  a memory leak in SSAS is not one of them! 

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