Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Sharepoint MOSS 2007 - MySite Default Locale

The default locale setting in the MySite template is English-US. To amend this, the simplest approach is:

  1. Navigate to http///MySite/_layouts/regionalsetng.aspx *
  2. Update the Locale as desired and hit OK

    * this assumes your MySite host is at /MySite so adjust as necessary

As to sites which have already been created, this won't fix them. The bottom line is that there is NO supported global fix according to Microsoft as it is by design.

As a bodgy workaround you could update every site in the webs table of your _Content database (and limit it to where fullurl like '%personal%'. Simply do an update on the Locale column setting it to the Id of the locale you want. Clearly this is NOT a recommended workaround and may well break any support agreements you have with Microsoft.

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