Monday, 18 June 2007

BUG REPORT: VS Db Pro - TFS - Get Latest Version doesn't update error list

When using Visual Studio Database Professional (DataDude) and Team Foundation Server there are synching problems between team members when using "Get Latest Version" - the error list does not update to reflect changes. Allow me to give you an example:

  1. DeveloperA deletes TableA and checks in. At this point, StoredProcA is in error because it depends on DatabaseObjectA - this is shown in DeveloperA's error list in Visual Studio.
  2. DeveloperB does "Get Latest Version" on the project
  3. DeveloperB corrects StoredProcA and checks in.
  4. DeveloperA does "Get Latest Version" on the project
After the Get Latest, you would expect that DeveloperA's error list is now clear of the aforemetioned errors. Unfortunately it isn't. To get rid of these errors, Visual Studio must be restarted OR each error double-clicked. And every now and then, only a reboot will resolve it.

Have logged it with Microsoft Connect... you can view/watch it at

******************************** UPDATE ********************************

This is the response from Microsoft.

Unfortunately, this is expected behavior. The database project doesn't know when all of the files have finished being updated, so it doesn't know when to refresh itself. When the project is in this situation, there is an information message in the info strip at the top of schema view telling you that you need to refresh. You can refresh the project one of these ways: . do a refresh on the solution explorer (button on the toolbar of solution explorer) . open the file that was modified . build . close/reopen the project

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kristen,

I am having this problem too. I added a comment to your connect post. Had you considered reopening it? I don't consider the workarounds that you were given to be acceptable (looking at the next post you made it doesn't look like you were either).